Transact SQL options not supported on In-Memory Tables

In-Memory tables are great enhancement but also there is certain limitation also while using it.
Below is Transact SQL Constructs which are not supported in In-Memoery Tables compare to disk based tables.

1. Once table is created it can not be changed
Tables design is compiled and a DLL is generated for Table.
So if we want to change table we have to drop and recreate it.

2. No IDENTITY columns

3. No DML Triggers

4.No FOREIGN KEY and CHECK constraints

5. No UNIQUE indexes.

6.DBCC CHECKDB skips In-Mem Tables

7.DBCC CHECKTABLE fails on it.

8.It can not be created on Partition Scheme or Filegroups

9.Computed Columns are not supported

10. Replication is also not supported

11.Sparse columns are not supported

12.Columnstore indexes are not supported

13.Clustered index is not supported

14.Primary key columns can not be updated. If there is need to update it drop it and insert again.

TRUNCATE table is not supported. Use DELETE instead of TRUNCATE

15.Any kind of ALTER TABLE requirement is not supported.

16.MERGE SQL Command is not supported. Use multiple INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE instead of it.

17.Data Compression is not supported.

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