FileTable - Part1

FileTables are used to store this unstrucutred data.
FileTables contains FileStream which is used to store unstructured data in Database.

We can indexes/triggers/constraints on FileTable , But we can not drip constraints as well as system constraints from the Table
File Tables have fixed Schemas.
We can handle files like we are managing Files in Windows
We can copy/delete/insert files like we are doing in Windows from SQL Server

To use FileTables we need to configure server to use it.
Lets see how to do it

1.First we will enable FileStream on SQL Server
Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager
Select SQL Server Service and Right Click it

select Enable Filestream for Transact SQL access
Enable Filestream for I/O access.

Also specify windows share where we want to store files.
Here we specify windows share named MSSQLSERVER

2.Now configure server to access filestream

Sp_configure 'filestream_access_level', 2



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