Expression Task in SSIS 2012

As we all are aware with the variables in SSIS, which is used  for holding custom values and assign to various properties of objects at run time. If  we want to assign custom values to variables at runtime we have  have to create an script object to assign value to variable.

Now from SQL 2012 we can assign value to Expression using Expression Task. We can add this task to workflow and assign value to variable using SQL Server Integration Services Expression Language.

Lets see how to do it

Lets see we have a variable named test in the package.
Its assigned value is "a" in the variable window.

Now if we want to assign values of current year to this variable at runtime
We will add Expression Task above the Execute SQL Task and assign value to the variable

Now we will assign expression to variable
Double click on expression task and assign expression to it

Now lets execute the package
We will add breakpoint to Execute SQL Task to check the value of variable and enable watch to get the value of variables

As we can see new value of current year is assigned to variable using the expression.
This can be an easy way to assign value to variables compare to script task as well as easy to debug application by assigning custom values to variables

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