Problem in adding user in security page in Analysis Service

Recently we had a problem for adding users in Analysis service security option

Row count int sys.dm_exec_query_stats

SQL 2012 has added 4 new columns 
max_rows  in sys.dm_exec_query_stats DMV
This will help us to find the queries which are returning large number of results and we can optimized them 

DMV to get SQL Server Registry information

SQL Server 2012 has new DMV sys.dm_server_srvices
This provides details in registry related to SQL server

This provides some interesting information like 
SQL Server Version/Startup Parameters/Ports/Service startup options

Easy way to get status of SQL Server Services in SQL 2012

SQL 2012 has some new DMVs.
One of them is sys.dm_server_services
It gives us details about the SQL Server services (SQL Serve,SQL Server Agent, Full Text)

How to avoid MSDTC in linked query

As we all are aware of linked servers and how to use it
We can use it to query remote server as well as copy data from one server to other server
Till now if we want to execute procedure on remote server and insert data on to local server using linked server we need MSDTC enabled on the server

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