Expression indicator SSIS

As we all are aware with expression usage in SSIS.
Lets see an example of using connector  for creating dynamic connection.
We can create expression for connection string and assign it to connections.
So at rutime connection string from this  expressions are evaluated first and based on it connection is made.
How SSIS does not giving any indication either connection has expressions defined not.

But from SQL 2012 we can see icon fro expression near the connection on which we have defined expression

see the example below
Here we defined expression for the connection so that we can see fx symbol near the connection

FileStream Part-3

You can access first two parts from here


Lets see now  how to use FileStream to access files.

FileTable Part-2

Now we are at part2 of FileTable .
You can go for part1 from here

In Part1 We learn how to configure server to use of FileSteam.
Now we will create a database where we will use FileTable

FileTable - Part1

FileTables are used to store this unstrucutred data.
FileTables contains FileStream which is used to store unstructured data in Database.

Expression Task in SSIS 2012

As we all are aware with the variables in SSIS, which is used  for holding custom values and assign to various properties of objects at run time. If  we want to assign custom values to variables at runtime we have  have to create an script object to assign value to variable.

How to identify tempdb space usage

Sometimes our tempdb gets full and fills the disk. Hence it cant expand and due to its a lots of our operation either stucks or starting failing.
At this time we immediately need to find which process is taking so much space in tempdb and which type of  operation by that process is taking space to troubleshoot the issue ASAP

Distribution Cleanup failed due to security reasons

Recently we got following error in Distribution Cleanup for Replication 

Replication-@rowcount_only parameter must be the value 0,1, or 2. 0=7.0 compatible checksum. 1=only check rowcou: agent distribution@rowcount_only parameter must be the value 0,1, or 2. 0=7.0 compatible checksum. 1=only scheduled for retry. Could not clean up the distribution transaction tables.

Row count int sys.dm_exec_query_stats

SQL 2012 has added 4 new columns 
max_rows  in sys.dm_exec_query_stats DMV
This will help us to find the queries which are returning large number of results and we can optimized them 

DMV to get SQL Server Registry information

SQL Server 2012 has new DMV sys.dm_server_srvices
This provides details in registry related to SQL server

This provides some interesting information like 
SQL Server Version/Startup Parameters/Ports/Service startup options

Easy way to get status of SQL Server Services in SQL 2012

SQL 2012 has some new DMVs.
One of them is sys.dm_server_services
It gives us details about the SQL Server services (SQL Serve,SQL Server Agent, Full Text)

How to avoid MSDTC in linked query

As we all are aware of linked servers and how to use it
We can use it to query remote server as well as copy data from one server to other server
Till now if we want to execute procedure on remote server and insert data on to local server using linked server we need MSDTC enabled on the server



Sometimes people have confusion about use of hash or encryption
There are 2 basic difference between them on which you can decide how to use it

Running Total handling Null Values

I have written an artilce on running total in SSAS 
Regarding this recently I got a problem by mail for running total in SSAS by one developer from U.K.


Recently I had problem of slow insert on tables
During optimization we changed FillFactor of indexes and that improved the performance of insert.
We change the fill factor to 50%.

Impact of FillFactor


We have a table where we are dumping data on every 5 mins
Every 5 mins we are dumping approx 0.1 to 0.2 million rows
The tables has 5 indexes and we have a complaint that dump is getting slower over the time
It was taking 40-50 seconds , which needs to come down as we had to do other process after the dump

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