Activity Monitor SQL Server

Activity Monitor

As a sql server user we all are aware of Activity monitor.
But in SQL Server 2008 its enhanced with more features

Lets see how to use it

  How to open activity monitor

Below image is self explanatory for how to open activity monitor

 It shows 4 graphs
which has 4 performance counters
1.%processor time (% processor time used by sql server)
2.Waiting Tasks
3.Data File I/O
4.Batch Requests per second

Now we can get this info from SSMS instead of going to performance counters

It shows all current processes running on the server and its related details
We can also sort them and filter it.
We can see its providing rich information from our perspective

Resource Wait
It gives idea when operations has to wait for resources. It can give a idea to troubleshoot resource bottleneck. High wait indicate some bottleneck for that operations ,

 Data File I/O
If some data file heavily affected by disk I/O we can get this info from here

Recent Expensive queries
It shows all queries running on the server. Which we can use to get idea which queries are taking high resources or expensive queries

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