SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services operations guide

Microsoft has releases Analysis Service 2008 R2 operations guide. 
This can be quite useful to understand new feature and optimizations in 2008 R2 edition. 

Object Search in SSMS

As a  our database grows objects in the database also increases. During development we have to time to time get name of different objects  , for this we query system tables , but we can get this information from

Activity Monitor SQL Server

Activity Monitor

As a sql server user we all are aware of Activity monitor.
But in SQL Server 2008 its enhanced with more features

Script SQL Server Jobs

                As a part of backup routine or server migration we have to script jobs and then move them to other server. We all are used to SSIS for moving jobs from one server to other server
Another option is to

SQL Server 2008 R2 Developers Training Kit

For all those who are new to SQL Server BI or New to SQL Server 2008 R2 , Microsoft has launched  a training kit  SQL Server 2008 R2 Developers Training Kit. Its a great resource to used to SQL Server  2008 R2. It contains a rich set of presentations, demos, hands-on labs and videos that are perfect for self-paced learning or for conducting your own training.

We can download it from 


What's In the Training Kit
The training kit is divided into four sections:
  • Getting Started (for Web and BI developers who are new to SQL Server)
  • SQL Server 2008 (for experienced SQL Server developers who want to understand what's new in 2008)
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (for experienced SQL Server developers who want to understand what's new in 2008 R2)
  • Office 2010 (for experienced BI developers who want to understand what's new in 2008 R2 and Office 2010)
Here is a breakdown of each section and its associated content:
  1. Getting Started
    Web Developers: 1 Hands-On Lab, 2 Videos
    BI Developers: 32 Presentations, 27 Demos, 12 Hands-On Labs, 59 Videos
  2. SQL Server 2008
    Overview: 1 Presentation, 1 Video
    Date and Time Data Types: 1 Presentation, 1 Demo
    Spatial Data Types: 1 Presentation, 2 Demos, 2 Hands-On Labs
    FILESTREAM Blob Storage: 1 Presentation, 2 Demos
    Transact-SQL Improvements: 1 Presentation, 4 Demos
    .NET CLR Integration: 1 Presentation, 2 Demos, 1 Hands-On Lab
    Reporting Services: 1 Presentation, 1 Demo
    AdventureWorks Racing All-Up SQL Server 2008 Demo: 1 Presentation, 1 Demo
  3. SQL Server 2008 R2
    Overview: 2 Presentations, 4 Hands-On Labs, 8 Videos
    Data-tier Application Framework: 3 Presentations, 5 Demos, 2 Hands-On Labs, 9 Videos
    StreamInsight: 4 Presentations, 7 Demos, 3 Hands-On Labs, 17 Videos
    Reporting Services: 7 Prsentations, 5 Demos, 5 Hands-On Labs, 12 Videos
  4. Office 2010
    Excel 2010 and PowerPivot: 4 Presentations, 4 Demos, 3 Hands-On Labs, 8 Videos
    SharePoint 2010, PerformancePoint Services and PowerPivot: 6 Presentations, 6 Demos, 3 Hands-On Labs, 12 Videos

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