Comound Operators SQL Server 2008

SQL 2008 now supports compound operators, which is available in other databases since long time

x += 2
is equivalent to x = x+2

Problem in opening registered servers windows in Management Studio

Recently I got a mail for following problem
While the  client tries to open registered server window in Mbanagement Studio
he gets following error

To add Builtin\Administrator account in sql server login

Recently I got a problem where Builtin\Administrators  Account was deleted  . How can we recreate it?

Here is a solution for this
Run this proc

TYPED flag in Member Properties in Analysis Service

We are using  member properties in Analysis Service for various purposes.
From 2005 onwards its providing typed flag as extension to member properties.

Various way to calculate running total from All Period to Currentmember

Various way to calculate running total from All period to currentmember

As MDX is a very vast and dynamic language we can write same query using multiple way
One of the regular demand in MDX is to sum running total from starting of time period to current time  member. We can do it using various way.

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