Data Compression Results

SQL 2008 is supporting data compression.

Its a new feature in SQL 2008 which is not available in previous versions

Data compression has two types
1. Page Compression
2.Row Compression

We will discuss it in detail in coming section

Today I want to discuss the results we have achieved using data compression

Here are the result for tables after compression
                    size after compression    size before compression Time for
                    in GB                             in GB                             Compress
table1                253                        525                                 28 Hrs
table2                230                        515                                 25 Hrs
table3                220                        469                                 24 Hrs   

Time taken to compression was double compare to uncompressed tables. Also time taken to create index is also double than time to create normal index

But after compression query performance improves 50%
This was because of reduced I/O due to reduced size of tables.

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