Discover Method Part 2

Lets look at some more Discover Commands . Many of this commands are not documented at BOL .

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Discover Method Part 1

Discover Method Part 1

They are very rich source for getting meta data information for the server.
Lets look for more detail on DISCOVER METHODS

Last Nonempty Date/ Last Transaction Date

I freqeuntly got question on to get last non empty date or last date when transaction happened.

Here we will look at two example on how to get it from Adventure Works cube

DMVs in Analysis Service -- Part 3 (MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS)

Till now we have used MDX query to get hierarchical members in a hierarchy, But after DMVs its now possible to get this values using DMV MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS
It will be a fun to use DMV to get value. Lets more explore in it.

DMVs in Analysis Service -- Part 2 (MDSCHEMA)

As we all know that AS 2008 has come with many new features
I am using SQL Server since last 8 years and DMVs are great improvement in SQL Server 2005
Now exciting thing is that this DMVs are also in Analysis Service
Till now its not possible to view metadata in Analysis Service , but after 2008 its possible.
We will explore this DMVs in coming articles.

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