DMVs in Analysis Service -- Part 1 (DBSCHEMA)

As we all know that AS 2008 has come with many new features
I am using SQL Server since last 8 years and DMVs are great improvement in SQL Server 2005
Now exciting thing is that this DMVs are also in Analysis Service
Till now its not possible to view metadata in Analysis Service , but after 2008 its possible.
We will explore this DMVs in coming articles.

Gemini Renamed as PowerPivot

hi friends
Who are working with analysis service must be aware of Gemini.Its addon for Excel 2010 for users to handle large amount of data and analysis them , a self service BI
This project is now renamed as PowerPivot
We can get more information over here

Clear Cache and bug in Clearing Cache for partition

We can Clear Cache by using ClearCache command in XML for Analysis (XMLA)

for a specified Database, Cube, MeasureGroup ,dimension or partition.

How to create subcube in analysis service

It restricts cubes space to selected member in the select expression for create subcube statement


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