DistinctCount -- Analysis Service

Another Way for DistinctCount

As we all know that DistinctCount is a challenge for SSAS. Since its not an additive measure
AS needs additional efforts to get distinct count.

AddCalculatedMembers - MDX


By default when we create calculated members we can not see them while resolving member of a set.

IgnoreUnrelatedDimension Property - Analysis Service

Q:- In my fact table some dimension are related to some fact tables. For that dimension it shows same value for all attributes. I dont want to show values for this dimension.

IsAggregatable Property - Analysis Service

Q:- I want to hide All in my dimension. How can I do it? Is it good to do it?

Ans:- In Analysis Service we generally see all dimension has All member. This is because of IsAggregatable property of the attribute. You can set its value to false, so that it will not show All member.

How to manage partition

Partition are useful function for managing large data in database. I have posted an article on how to create partition. Now we will look into how to manage partitions.

First we will create partition as given in my past article.

Problem with multilingual character in SSAS

Q:- I have multilingual keywords in my table. It contains keywords chinese/japanese/arabic and many other languages. When I create a dimension I cant see that characters , it shows box and question mark.

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