Forceseek- Table Hint SQL 2oo8


It forces optimizer to use index seek only. Sometimes optimizer does not user proper plan and use index scan which cause high reads on the system. We can use forceseek here to force otpimizer to use index seek which can give better performance.

How to set ToolTip/Description for Reports

Many time we want to set ToolTip for our reports. It can give helpful information for the field in Reports. Also if we set description for Report it can give handful information for Reports. Lets see how we can set it.


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Well, this is a very popular section. I am getting number of queries and I try my best to give solution here.

SQL server basics/job interview questions Part 2

From Simon:-

Hi I want to get collation of my server. How can I get it?

Advanced Property SQL Server Reporting Service

Advanced Properties in SQL Server Reporting Service.

If you are using SQL Server Reporting Service 2008 then you can get Advanced property from Management Studio itself. Connect to Reporting Service in Management studio, Click on server node for properties then click on advanced.

Index Suggestion by Query Execution Plan - SQL Server 2008

I hope many of us we have start to use SQL Server 2oo8. SQL Server 2oo8 comes with many silent features. We all are familiar of execution plan of a query. We are getting visual display of query execution and cost of each action. Its very useful to understand how query will be executed.

How to get tablesize- SQL Server

Many times we need to get Size of tables and rows for each table for maintenance purpose.
Here I have given a script which will give
size information for each table using sp_spaceused procedure.

How to get last sales date/sales amount for each product -Analysis Service

How to get last date/last sales amount for each product when product was sold.

We are looking at a sample which will show last sales date and slaes amount for each product. Similarly we can get first date when product was sold using this function. We can use LastNonEmpty function but its not available except developers edition.

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