Cahced Plans - Using System Tables

SQL Server stores query plan in cache for each query run on the server in sys.dm_exec_cached_plans system table. We can get information of query text, query plan , memory used, and count of query execution.

Following query will give us info for the query text, object type , refcounts, usercounts for cached queries.

SELECT Db_name(t.dbid) db_name,






FROM sys.dm_exec_cached_plans p

CROSS APPLY sys.Dm_exec_sql_text(p.plan_handle) t

WHERE dbid = Db_id()

ORDER BY cacheobjtype

  • We can find which query is used most by usecounts column.

  • We can find which plan is referred most

  • We can find query type by objtype column

It has following values

Value Definition

Proc - Stored procedure

Prepared - Prepared statement

Adhoc - Ad hoc query

ReplProc - Replication-filter-procedure

Trigger - Trigger

View - View

Default - Default

UsrTab - User table

SysTab - System table

Check - CHECK constraint

Rule - Rule

If its adhoc then we should consider to make it prepared, because adhoc is taking valuable space of ram which we can reduce if we can make it prepared.

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