Like- SQL Server

Recently I got a query on how to use like clause. As we all know we can use to find word with pattern matching.
Here we will look a sample for it.

Memory properties in Analysis Service

It will allocated specified amount of memory to analysis service.By specifying preallocate Analysis Service uses large memory pages and we can not swap this to page file. It can give better performance to Analysis Service.

Except command -SQL Server 2005

Except command can be used when we want rows from table1 which are not in table2.
This command is supported in SQL 2005 and later versions.
Let see an example for this

Interesect Command(SQL Server 2005)

One of new feature of SQL Server 2005 is except and intersect commands.
Lets look how it can be useful.

How to get log file size

Recently one guy asked me how to get logfile size and free space in the log file.
We can get this information from dbcc sqlperf command.

Cahced Plans - Using System Tables

SQL Server stores query plan in cache for each query run on the server in sys.dm_exec_cached_plans system table. We can get information of query text, query plan , memory used, and count of query execution.

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