How to get Identity Columns details

Many times developers need to know identity columns related information from tables.
After SQL Server 2005 , its easy for us to get this info with much rich informations.

How to get rowcount/size for eachtable.

Many times we want to get number of rows and spaceused by each table.
We can use sp_spaceused for this.
But when we want this info for all tables than we need some simple way.

SQL 2008 SP1 released

MS has released SP1 for SQL Server 2008.

To download click here

Also MS has released cumulative update of SP1.

To download click here

Filtered indexes Part2 - SQL Server 2008

To visit part 1 click here

Some benefit of filtered indexes
1. It has less performance hit. Since only data qualifying in the where condition are used , less data inserted/updated/deleted in index pages.

Filtered index part -1 , SQL 2008

Along with sparse columns SQL Server 2008 comes with two more advanced features

1.Filtered indexes
2.Filtered statistics

SQL server basics/job interview questions Part 3


From rezwan_marshall
Hi Amish- have questions.When upgrade to sql server sp3 1) Do I need to disconnect applications prior to sp3 installation and connect them back after? 2) What generic tests or (cursory patching test) can be done on sql server and the applications to verify that the upgrade was successful ? Thanks in advance -Marshall
6:21 PM

How to get backup history details

Many times we need to get backup details.
Below procedure which I am using to get backup info. It might be helpful to you guys also.

SQL Server 2008:- Insert Script with DATA

If we want to generate Insert Script with data values, it was not possible before SQL Server 2008.
Now SQL Server 2008 support insert script with data also.

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