Multi Select - Browsing Problem. SQL Server Reporting Service

Bug in Reporting Service

In parameters option for Multi Select is available from SQL 2005 Reporting Service.

Except Function - MDX Analysis Service 2005

SQL Server Analysis Service 2005
Except in MDX

Except (Set1, Set2, ALL)

User Defined Table Types :- SQL Server 2008

We sometimes need to use table variable in our query.
Every time in the query we have to define the table variable.

Functions deprected after SQL Server 2008

Deprecated Option in SQL Server 2008

Some features are deprecated from next version of SQL Server 2008, here are some of the commons used functions which are deprecated and their replacements.
Look at BOL for more info

Grouping Sets- Cube and Rollup

Last article we show about grouping sets.

As we know that grouping set is union of different result sets generated by group by clause. Here in group by clause we can use also cube and rollup functions.

Grouping sets in SQL Server 2008

Its a new feature in SQL Server 2008. It generate a result of union all of group by result of different set of columns.
We can also use cube and rollup function with grouping sets.

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