sp_changesubscription for changing subscriber password

For DBA its a routine activity to change server passwords.
If we are using replication between servers and if we are changing password of subscribers
we have to change it on publisher also.

we can use sp_changesubscription here to change password for the subscriber.

We can use it for changes the properties of a snapshot or transactional push subscription or a pull subscription involved in queued updating transactional replication

We have to run this on publication database

EXEC Sp_changesubscription
    @publication ='test',
    @article = 'all',-- here password change will affect all articles
    @destination_db = 'dest-test',
    @subscriber = 'REPORTSERVER',
    @property = 'subscriber_password',
    @value = 'abc123'

Also it support many other properties for subscribers which we can change.

for other replication we have to use sp_change_subscription_properties (Transact-SQL).

This also support changes of password like

distrib_job_password,distributor_password,dts_package_password ,ftp_password ,internet_password,merge_job_password

Look at BOL for more detail information .

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